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Migrate data from the current AE Scheduler (v 10.0.4) to newly built Version 10.0.8

Question asked by Howard_Higgins_6093 on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Howard_Higgins_6093

Hello Community,

Plan to cut-over from Automic AE version 10.0.4 to version 10.0.8 and wish to retain the history data from past executions.
This environment only has two clients, client 0 and client 8888 the aim is to replicate the data to the new environment, new environment; client 0 already exists before my attempt.

Question is, has anyone in this community successfully copied the data from the old environment to the new environment
  A. Was AE DB Unload & AE DB Load used to achieve this or,
  B. Did you copy the database schema across instead?
I used option A above (DB Unload/DB Load) and expected to see the new client 0, client 8888 plus all history in the Activity Window this did not happen event though DB Load reported success.  Only saw client 0 and not client 8888.

Do I have to manually create new client 8888 then run DB Load to see the activity history, or is it better to use option B, copy the database schema?

Thank you.