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Unable to use wildcard in EVNT Object

Question asked by Kalid_Okabbad_7701 on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by Luu_Le_185
Hi all,

I have made a workflow, within this workflow there is a JOBS windows, the JOBS windows is used for reading some information from a VARA STATIC object that contains 4 columns.



I am using the following code in the preprocess tab of windows job :
I parse the VARA object and I trigger some other jobs on the files found  depending on the ACTION (column 2)
BZP : The file should be backed up, Zipped and encrypted uing PGP
BZ : The file should be backed up, Zipped
etc ...


Check file is done using an EVNT file, the file name is a variable and it works, but when I am using wildcards, it does not detect files


if the file in &FILE# is FILE it works, if it is FI* nothing is detected.

Someone can help please ?