How to handle new years switch with Automic?

Discussion created by Harald_Heidinger_152 on Oct 5, 2016
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New year is coming, and between holidays, there are some things on the Automic-Side to consider.

Just to avoid extra work on New Years day, you can consider some things now already to be sure to have everything in place, so your Automic System is running over the new years eve.

First of all, it is important to know, that the year change, from software side should definetly not harm the system at all, but on organizational site there are some things to consider.

Please see this as some points out of my experience as support member, i dont see this list as complete, i m sure colleagues or you as customer do have other experiences too, feel free if you want to add something.

.) Licenses

please ensure that all components you are using in productive way (Automation Engine, Agents...) are licensed also after the 31.12. you can check the currently loaded license under System Overview > Licenses. Within the column "Date" you see when exactly these licenses are going to expire, you should get in contact with your automic sales contact to discuss further steps.


from that screenshot you see, that these licenses would go to expire in end of the year, that means on 1.1.2017 these agents will not run anymore, and you will not be able to run any tasks on them until you loaded a new, valid license.

whom to contact?

In that case, please get in contact with your sales contact of automic, he can help you out to get the licenses extended.

.) Calendars

Especially static calendar entries where you have to define a validity period could have their expiration date at 31.12. this means, the calendar would get invalid, and the tasks which are related to the calendar entry would not run anymore. This you can check before, and extend the calendar validity period:


in that case you see, that the validity period is expiring on 31.12.2016, on the calendar itself you can see that the january 2017 (and all further months) are greyed out, which means, that the calendar is not valid for that time anymore.

what to do?

check the calendars static keywords for this expiration date, you can extend it easily. Please Note!! calendar calculation can be a very complex process if the calendar is rather complex. So please do not add a validation date in a too far future (e.g. 2030) it will cause the calendar calculation work for very long, for little outcome.

Please also note: Holiday Calendars in client 0 do also contain static keywords, especially if you are using a older version of your automation engine, this might also have been filled out only until 2016, in that case, an upate of your automation engine will also replace the holiday calendars with extended valid ones.

whom to contact?

in case of questions, drop a community post or get in contact with support.

.) Leap Second:

The Leap Second will take place this year at 31.12. at 23:59:60 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leap_second

at this point: Special thanks to Mr Martin Zell who brought up this question, and made me thinking about that kind of post.

What to do?

You dont need any preparations for this, our products can handle the leap second since the database can also.

whom to contact?

in case of questions, you can drop a community post or get in contact with support.

In case of emergency:

If unexpected other issues occur, please ensure you know the phonenumber of support. Be sure to call in case of a standstill so we can start to help you immediately.

Ensure that you might have DB, Operation System and Network Specialists at least on Call, in case of serious issues, we will need them to solve the issues.