Moving the Oracle database schema to a database on a different server

Discussion created by Jeremy_Clere_7804 on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Andreas_Sprosec_7439
Do you have a best practice document on how to relocate the entire Automic schema to a different database and server?  The new database and server are the same version (Oracle
The original database is shared with another application,  so we want allocate Automic its own separate instance.
The new database CHARACTER SET is WE8ISO8859P1   --  As recommended by Automic.  However, the source database is  CHARACTER SET AL32UTF8 -- do you see any problems with that?

The final database version must be set to one of these:
WE8ISO8859P1, WE8ISO8859P15 and WE8MSWIN1252.

You will find on this page our recommendation for Oracle database:

I don't see any issue going from AL32UTF8 to WE8ISO8859P1, It will be better for the AE, it will be finally officially supported because you were using AL32UTF8 as database set and it was not officially supported.

Please note: Some characters of AL32UTF8 are not supported within UC4 Operations Manager. Therefore you'll have to change the third character of the connect string to "1" (SQLDRIVERCONNECT=ODBCVAR=NN1NIORO) to ignore the comparison of the characters, because otherwise the UC4.Server will not start. In the log file you can see which characters are set to "?" and as such not available in UC4 Operations Manager.

So you can check before doing the upgrade what you have inside your connection manager.
You may have to modify the ODBCVAR in order to connect to the database.