Java UI features that are missing from AWI v12.0

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Oct 6, 2016
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Note: An updated version of this list is here: Java UI features that are missing from AWI v12.2 


List of issues / missing features

The following table lists features present in the Java User Interface that are missing from the Automic Web Interface. Details, a reference number, and the current status of each item are included where applicable. The list also includes issues mentioned in the thread “AWI Updates”.

1.Context-sensitive help with the F1 key or equivalent
(Also broken in the v12 Java User Interface)
PMPER-1729Improved in v12.1
2.Contextual menu when right-clicking on an object namePMPER-1729Unknown
3.Keyboard shortcuts for commonly used commandsPMPER-1729Unknown
4.Not possible to edit the Service Manager details of AE processesPRB00125081Coming in v12.1
5.Verify connection to service manager is misleadingly namedPRB00125076Unknown
6.Drag-and-drop for moving/linking/restoring objects, and adding tasksUnknownUnknown
7.No way to reset the lock on an object that another user has open for editingNANot a problem
8.Details entry missing from contextual menu in task executions listUnknownUnknown
9.Move object allows lowercase letters, but does not change them to uppercaseUnknownUnknown
10.Licenses viewUnknownComing in v12.1
11.Send-to (other client) functionUnknownComing in v12.1
12.Open Generated Job functionUnknownComing in v12.1
13.Export/Import of STORE objects (objects are empty & content is lost)UnknownUnknown
14.Export dialog box remains open after exportingUnknownUnknown
15.Copy and paste of task pre- and post-conditionsUnknownUnknown
16.Function to modify input parameters of tasks in Waiting for user input stateUnknownAdded in v12
17.AWI displays the title of objects larger than the object name, if they have a title. There should be a setting to change this default behavior.UnknownFixed in v12.0.1
18.Read the period settings of a statistic record of CPERIODsUnknownUnknown
19.Child statistic records of !EVNT statistic recordsUnknownUnknown
20.Display Activity for an object via contextual menuUnknownUnknown
21.Object search based on type, agent, archive keys, script content, etc.UnknownComing in v12.1
22.Duplicate tofunction in Process Assembly perspectivePRB00133144Unknown


Original post

We are just getting started with v12, and have begun to work with the Automic Web Interface in earnest. In the course of setting it up and beginning to work with it, I have noticed some gaps in the feature set, compared to the the capabilities of the old Java User Interface.


I just opened a new enhancement request on ideas.automic.com to ask that some handy features of the Java UI be brought to the new Web UI.

The Java User Interface has several features that are currently missing from the Web User Interface. They may have seemed like unnecessary features when the AWI was developed, but they are actually the niceties that have traditionally made UC4 an easy product to learn and an enjoyable product to use. These features should be added to the AWI.

1. Context-sensitive help with the F1 key or equivalent.
2. Contextual menu when right-clicking on an object name, anywhere the object name appears. E.g., right click on the name of a LOGIN object when editing a job, and you will see the same contextual menu that you would see if you right-clicked on that LOGIN object in the Explorer view. This is particularly useful when editing objects that are dependent on other objects.
3. Keyboard shortcuts for commonly used commands, such as saving, executing, displaying a report, activating the search field, etc.

The Java UI has been deprecated in v12, and will probably disappear completely in a future release. This means that the AWI will soon be the only graphical user interface for working with the Automation Engine. If you miss these features and want to see them come back in the AWI, feel free to let the Automic Product Management team know. The enhancement request ID is PMPER-1729.