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How to remove specific Reports from Automation Engine DB RT table?

Question asked by Vlad_N on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Vlad_N

AE v10

ARA v5

We have situation when not properly configured Agent had produced about 2GB of report files per day that got ingested into AE RT table. We have few days’ worth of Reports from this Agent.

How can we safely delete the Reports only for this Agent from the AE Database RT table if we know the offending reports IDs (RT_AH_Idnr)?

I had look into article regarding DB Reorg and DB Unload.


Unfortunately I did not see an option in the “Criteria for reorganization” for removing specific reports by ID from RT and RH tables. I see only criteria for the older then Date option. With the requirements that we have we cannot remove all the reports older then specific dates, I only need to remove the reports related to this specific Agent.


I appreciate any insight or feedback on how case like this can be handled.

Thank you,

Vlad Navazhylau