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How to pass parameters in SSIS package via UC4

Question asked by JGi604607 on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by LeonardOlteanu
I am trying to pass two user::variables (pGlDateFrom and pGlDateTo) using a dtexec.exe command in Automic but it's not working. Last report shows this "2016-09-29 16:12:11 - U0020206 Variable '&PGLDATEFROM#' was stored with value '20160226'.     2016-09-29 16:12:11 - U0020206 Variable '&PGLDATETO#' was stored with value '20160228'." but the dates are not being passed on the other end. The package runs fine locally, but not through UC4. Maybe I have the job setup incorrectly. This is what I have on the process tab
       dtexec.exe /F "D:\SSIS Packages\Package1.dtsx" /set \                       package.variables[User::pGlDateFrom].Properties[Value];"&PGLDATEFROM#" /De password
       dtexec.exe /F "D:\SSIS Packages\Package1.dtsx" /set \ package.variables[User::pGlDateTo].Properties[Value];"&PGLDATETO#" /De password

I created a promptSet that prompts me to enter the two dates. The Data reference property on the promptset is UC_DATATYPE_STRING for both prompts, and on the SSIS package, the data type is STRING.

I also tried putting everything on one line but it still didn't work.
dtexec.exe /F "D:\SSIS Packages\SSISSOA\Package1.dtsx" /set \package.variables[pGlDateFrom].Value;&PGLDATEFROM# /set \package.variables[pGlDateTo].Value;&PGLDATETO# /De password

What am I doing wrong?

(PS: We are still on V9 (hides))