How to Encrypt a Password and How Does It Know to Decrypt in AE

Discussion created by Harriet_Kim_1764 on Oct 9, 2016
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How to Encrypt a Password in Automation Engine (AE):
1. Use the encrypting tool, UCYBCRYP.exe.
It is located in the Tools folder of the Automation Engine installation image.
2. Use the following parameters to enter the program via the command line:
UCYBCRYP[.EXE] -p -n Password
3. The file, PASSWORD.UCC, contains the encrypted password is created in the same directory.

The encrypted password can now be copied to the INI file.

The same method is used when you want to encrypt the password for AE installed in a Unix operating system.

With that said, a question arises - how does AE know to decrypt the password in a Unix environment when the password was encrypted using the UCYBCRYP tool in a Windows environment?

When you encrypt the password, it starts with two leading hyphens (--). This is how it knows it is an encrypted password that needs to be decrypted. It's built into the AE and utility in the C# code. So if it sees the two leading hyphens, then it knows it's an encrypted password.