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In the past week, I have learned about the various ways of customizing the Automic Web Interface. For example, it is possible to specify a custom icon that appears in the Web Interface, instead of the Automic company logo.
Figure 1. Automic Web Interface v12: Login window with custom logo & main color

It is also possible to specify the highlight color used in the Web Interface.
Figure 2. Automic Web Interface v12: Process Assembly perspective with custom logo & main color

Although some things can be customized, others cannot. Here is a summary.

ItemDescriptionEasy to
LogoImage that appears in the login box and in the top left corner of the web interface window.logo.filename parameter in colors.properties
(But: display problem in v11.2.2)
Main colorHighlight color used to indicate selected or focused UI elements throughout the Web Interface. E.g., below the selected perspective.maincolor parameter in colors.properties
Session colorHighlight color at top of window.One of five hard-coded colors is selectable by the user.
Favorite iconSmall icon that appears in browser tab or window title bar; also used for saved browser bookmarks.VAADIN/themes/oneui/favicon.ico in webui-vaadin-framework-theme.jar in awi.war file. (7e3pzj9bmfbb.png)
Window titleText that appears in browser tab or window title bar; also used as default name for saved browser bookmarks.Hard-coded to:
• v11: Automic Enterprise Control Center
v12: Automic Web Interface

It would be nice to be able to specify these details as parameters, e.g., in configuration.properties. This would make it possible for us to better customize the way the Web Interface appears to users, and would make it easier for us to tell at a glance which browser window/tab corresponds to the DEV system, which to TEST, which to PROD, and so on.
Figure 3. Automic Web Interface v12: Mock-up of browser tabs with custom favorite icons & titles

Even greater flexibility would be afforded if it were possible to specify these at the level of each connection in the uc4config.xml file.