!! Important Information about search function in Online Documentation for Version 12

Discussion created by Harald_Heidinger_152 on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Harald_Heidinger_152
Please be aware that currently the search within Version 12 online documentation does not work properly:


If you search for strings containing an underscore "_" it will not deliver the results.

As a workaround you can currently either search the string without using the underscore (e.g. instead of UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS you can use UC CLIENT SETTINGS or simply "UC" bearing with the more general results you recieve, or use the documentation of Version 11 (as long as you do not search for topics which are new features in Version 12)


Our Docu development team is currently on solving the issue, they are confident that the issue will be found and fixed within this week. I will keep this post updated.