Marketplace Action Packs Bulk Importer for ARA

Discussion created by Automic_Community_5543 on Oct 12, 2016


  • Package Manager available and configured
  • Internet Connection available where apm / this script runs

How to use it:

  1. copy the ps1 script to the root folder of apm (Ex: C:\Automic\Tools\Package.Manager)
  2. in a powershell command window, execute the script
  3. Provide your marketplace login when prompted (ex:
  4. Provide your marketplace password when prompted (your automic password)
  5. Wait for the script to end
  6. Run the newly created InstallPackages.bat (which will itself import all packages one by one automatically)

What this script does:

  1. checks for internet connectivity
  2. connects to the marketplace and updates all indexes (list of available action packs)
  3. dynamically creates a bat script containing install commands for your environment for each action pack that you can then either just run or modify & run.



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