Installing MSI package with AE

Discussion created by Gabor_Szilagyi_7654 on Oct 25, 2016

Installing MSI package with AE


Automation Engine doesn’t delivers an “out of the box” solution to install MSI Packages,

but it’s possible to install MSI packages with a Windows Agents via command line execution.


The tool to initiate the MSI deployment is themsiexec command.

It has numerous options to cover the different install methods:

More information about the MSI install process in batch mode is available in documentations from Microsoft.


On a practical level I would implement a solution for automated MSI deployment a workflow which consists of different tasks:

- verifying the install process: target system, current SW version, SW to deploy

- transferring the MSI Package with Filetransfer object to the target     

- executing the MSI Install with msiexec    

- error handling, notification about the current deployment process     

For a more professional approach of software deployment is,
of course the Automic Release Automation the definitive solution:


Does anyone have a use case for MSI deployment automation with AE?