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11.2 - Troubles passing variables - SOAP WEBSERVICE to a SCRIPT

Question asked by BenSumner612127 on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by BenSumner612127
I have a very simple workflow. It comprises of a webservice job that logs in and it's Response Object is a sessionID that is set to &SESSIONID# via Output Type - Save as Variable, then a script that simply prints out the variable that was just saved. There are a number of scenarios that I've tried and none of them work with simply passing the variable from the soap job to the script. This is what I've tried:
  • : PRINT &SESSIONID# in the script I get the error - "Variable &SESSIONID# has not yet been defined"
  •  Create a new variable within the SOAP job Post Process tab - : PSET &SESSIONID_VARA# = &SESSIONID#" and : PRINT &SESSIONID_VARA# in the script I get the same error. I also made sure that I could print out &SESSIONID# within the SOAP job Post Process tab to ensure that it was actually getting set. Which it was....
The only way that I've been able to get this to work was within the SOAP job Post Process tab was to use PUT_VAR to store the session id in an object variable and then use GET_VAR in the script to retrieve it.

Am I missing something here? Why can't the script see the variables set in the SOAP job? Is there a more elegant solution?

Thanks in Advance