Important information about cancellation of daylight saving time in turkey

Discussion created by Harald_Heidinger_152 on Oct 28, 2016
Please be aware that Turkey does not follow daylight saving time from this year on. If you are based in Turkey, or are running tasks on your Automic system based on a timezone which should display turkish-timezone, ensure that these Timezone Objects related to your tasks are attuned to this change by removing the daylight saving time option away from them. 

If you dont have these kind of changes, and if you have attuned your timezone objects already, you should be fine from Automic side.

Please follow the link to documentation to find more information about timezone objects (it is taken from Version 11.2 help, but it is valid for other versions also):


Further Information about Turkey and scrapping daylight saving time, please find here (third party link)


Apologize for the late information, it only got transparent to me by today.