Set the Minimum Number of WP's as type "W"

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Darren_Sniezak_40
Hi All!

I wanted to post a question we received about worker processes as I believe there may be others with the same question. Some users are asking what determines whether a WP is assigned to type "W" by default or whether it is assigned to type "D" as a dialog worker process. The number of WP's assigned as "W" is determined by WP_MIN_NUMBER in UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS. This will set the minimum number of WP's you would like to remain as worker processes. This may be helpful if you have many WPs and are trying to ensure that a large number of them remain as type "W" to help with your configuration.

I hope this helps!