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How can we cleanup CP_LIST on OS Agent INI file without manually editing Agent INI file?

Question asked by Vlad_N on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by Vlad_N

AE10 + ARA5

We have following scenario.

We have load balanced AE environment on two servers.

We want to stop two Communication Processes on one server and we need to make sure that after OS Agents (Unix) restarts their CP_LIST do not contain any reference to server and CP ports that are not active anymore. We are planning to do Agents restarts remotely via ServiceManagerDialog.

Is it possible to have stopped CP references removed from Agent’s CP_LISTwithout manually editing each Agent INIfile so the next time Agents starts it does not try to connect to the other server? Is there possibly some setting that we can change on AE configuration or Agent restart that will force the Agent INI CP_LIST section to clear up of unavailable CPs?

So far what we tested, after CPs stopped and system Cold Start and Agent remote restarts references to stopped CP on Agents INI CP_LIST still remain.

We are planning to reuse the same ports on the server for AE upgrade testing which will have different DB (but same System Name) on backend and we don’t want to have Agents connecting to the CP ports on upgraded system until we fully test small subset of Agents.

Thank you,

Vlad Navazhylau