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AWA 12.X, Why AWI 12.X is always asking user to change the password at the every login attempt?

Question asked by IndikaPeiris611408 on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by IndikaPeiris611408

I’m working on the latest AWA 12.X. specifically “Automic.Workload.Automation_12.0.0_2016-10-19” and Automic Web Interface 12.0.0.HF-01-305.

I have set the user login to “User must change password at next login”. I expect the user will get the prompt at the first login and the new password will be saved. This is how it worked in 11.X version. However in the AWI 12.X, it is throwing the password change prompt every time the user login. To avoid this painful situation I have to change the user settings to “Password never expires” after the user’s successful first login.

Is this a new feature in 12.X or a bug?

I kind of forget what was on 11.X is it “User must change password atFirstlogin” or “User must change password at Next login”


As a feature, we want to force the users to change the password at the First login. Subsequently, they can change password from the “settings” whenever they feel they want.



Indika Peiris