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Connection reset by peer?

Question asked by Clint_Knight_843 on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by peter_grundler_automic

Last night around 23:25, we lost our UNIX Agent connection in ONE Automation to one of our UNIX servers (PUNIFISCH010). The following lines I have found in the log on our end:


20161108/232537.818 - U0003413 Socket call 'recv(2)' returned error code '104'.

20161108/232537.818 -          Connection reset by peer

20161108/232537.818 - U0003407 Client connection '2(41)' from '' has logged off from the Server.

20161108/232537.822 - U0003397 Agent 'PUNIFISCH010' logged off (Client connection='2').

 Any idea of what that means or what could cause that?