Importance of Tasks running parallel, at Job/Workflow level

Discussion created by Automic_Lear_8568 on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by Spencer_Cockrell_39
I would like to know how tasks running parallel can improve performance. I have 4 workflows in my master workflow, each workflow contains, let's say 4 jobs, so a total of 16 jobs. For each job under attributes section i have set max number: 1. At workflow level , i meant children of the master workflow, i have set the number to 1. Should i rather set it to 4 ?. what if ignore this attribute. What impact it has on the performance. What would you suggest ?

Master worfklow: 
Workflow1 : Job1, Job2, Job3, Job4
Workflow2 : Job5, Job6, Job7, Job8
Workflow3 : Job9, Job10, Job11, Job12
Workflow4 : Job13, Job14, Job15, Job16

consider  jobs in each workflow as unordered, i meant they could run in parallel.