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External dependencies

Question asked by VinothBoobalan612350 on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by Pete Wirfs

Currently we are not using external dependencies and have our own way of waiting for parent (based on 'done' files created by the parent). But want to explore the external dependencies feature in Automic. We have done some tests already and have the below questions. Please can some one help us on this.

1) How can we make a child workflow wait for a particular hour's run of the parent wf. i.e : The parent workflow runs every hour of a day but the child should start only when the last hour (23rd hour) of the parent run is completed successfully.
2) If in case the 22nd hour's instance ran for 2 hours, the child should still wait for the 23rd hour run (which would have actually started 1 hour late) to get completed.

Please confirm if this scenario can be achieved in automic. Thanks!