In case of Agent/CP/WP Crash, sending the Report of the component or the Logfile?

Discussion created by Harald_Heidinger_152 on Nov 23, 2016
The Agent/Automation Engine CP or WP crashed, does it make more sense to send the report or the logfile?
To make the long story short, in case the component crashed (and also in other situations) the Logfile of the Component out of its \temp directory will be the only source to find out the rootcause and give the explaination.

Whats the difference between "report" and "logfile"? arent they the same?

The Report of the component can be found within System Overview > AutomationEngine or Agent > right click the Agent/CP/WP > Report

you will recieve a view like this:


The Logfile is found within the \temp directory of the component, and this looks like this:


So the content of these report and logfile is obviously the same, why then the logfile?

If everything runs fine (and in that case you would not contact support) these report and logfile will contain the same information BUT in case the component crashes, the logfile will contain the lines describing why it crashed.
Reason for that is, that the database is not writing the components logfile in real time but is updated time by time. That means, that the logfile will always contain the more recent information than the database. In case the component crashes, it will not have the possibility to send the "last content" to the database so the information will be shown in the logfile only, and exactly this information is essential to find out the reason why the agent/automation engine crashed. Thats why it is essential to send the logfile instead of the report.

So where to find the logfile?

usually the logfile is saved in \temp directory of the component but within the .ini file you have the possibility to change the target folder for these logfiles.
If you are not sure where to search, you can open the report of the component (!) within System Overview, and see the startlog of the component. It contains the following lines:

out of this information and path, you might be able to find where the logfiles are located. The targetmachine you have to find out yourself ;)

if you find the logfile, you can zip it (if its multiple, thats very likely if an issue occurs on Automation Engine site where the CP and WP Logs of all components are needed usually) to a compressed file, and provide it to support together with the incident description.

Does it make sense to send the logfile of the influenced component already at incident generation?

Yes, absolutely! In case the component crashes, the first attempt of support will be to request the logfiles, if you initially provide them to us, we will be able to handle the incident much quicker since we save time by not needing to ask for the data.

Does it make sense to just copy/paste the content of the Logfile to an e-Mail or to the Incident/Request?

While from content it does not make any difference, it is much harder to analyse a logfile if it is (or partially) is pasted to the e-mail or Incident. If you provide logfiles, you make support team happy, if you provide the complete file, it will reduce the chance that the logfile will be requested as original file.