AE Clustring mode

Discussion created by Karim_Azzouzi_8427 on Nov 24, 2016
The purpose here is to send file from internal location to final external location via  FTP JOB in AE clustring mode
The FTP job does not allow to get a file from the network so what i did was :
* move the file in a temp folder on the AE server (move_file_job) 
* use this location with an ftp job to send it to its final location (ftp_job).
move_file_job and ftp_job are in a workflow directly following one another.
My concern is that I don't know how AE clustering works ?
 If there is no better sollution, can you assure me that a workflow started on a node is always finished by that same node ?

There is two mode of clustring
1) Load Balancing : sharing WP ressources
2) Non Stop : insuring working activity in case of one AE is down
in both cases , when WP take a job it take it until the end of process so if the first file transfert to /tmp is in AE1 the workflow will find it and send it to external location using same AE1. The problem in your case will be in Non Stop mode when one of AE1 is down, the other will look for file witch exist in the first.