Copying Data Between 2 Environments - Client Copy vs Transport Case

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Nov 25, 2016
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We want to copy the PROD environment to DEV without losing trials/tests we have on the DEV. We want PROD union DEV.

My questions are:

1-     What is the best way to do it?
2-     Is there a document/article/white paper about the Unload/Load options in details and when/how to use each option?
3 - After that we will test the migration to v12 on our DEV environment. Can we use the same method?
1 - You may copy the objects from one environment to the other with Client Copy, the transport case. Each have their pros and cons.

Client Copy
> Pros : allows you to make a copy of the entire client's content in a few clicks. Only objects that do not exist will be added, existing objects will not be overwritten.
> Cons : you may copy data you don't need in the process.

Transport case
> Pros : the exported objects can be altered with DB Change utility, in order to adjust their attributes.
> Cons : you will need to select the objects and add them to the Transport Case, which can take long specially if they are contained in many different folders.

Unload Utility
You can use Unload utility to either export all objects (unload all objects).

Of course there are a lot more considerations, and I'm certain that other users of the forum could tell you about them, based on their practical experience.

2 - The information regarding the Unload / Load process can be found in the documentation :

> DB Unload : graphical mode / command line
> DB Load : graphical modecommand line

3 - Both methods are still supported in v12. However you need to ensure that both source and target client are on the same version. If not you may still use the Load / Unload.