Object version management explained

Discussion created by Iris_Muttenthaler_7233 on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by Cyril_Delplanque_2297
I recently sent a customer request to our development department because the versioning seems inconsistent at first glance.
So i would like to explain the reason behind it with an example:

Step 1
Create a new object and do not change the name: it will be saved with version 0


Step 2
Rename the object. Renaming counts as a change so the version will be set to 1


Step 3
Duplicate the object. It will generate a new object with version 0 but because there cannot be two objects with the same name the renaming counts as a change and will set the version to 1


So in conclusion, renaming of an object counts as a change, but it is not visible in the Version Management page of the object.
Therefore a duplicated object will always be created with version 1.