What authorization is needed to add objects to personal favorites in ECC

Discussion created by Jeremy_Clere_7804 on Nov 29, 2016
I've created a user group and I'm restricting what folders, jobs and workflows it has access to. This is all working fine but when I test the user group with a dummy user it doesn't have access to add objects to favorites. When I attempt to do it I get "Object could not be added to Favorites. 'TEST': Access denied". If I add an asterisk in the authorizations for Type and Name with everything checked my user is able to add to favorites but when I remove it I have the same problem. What Type is needed to be allowed to add objects to your personal favorites in the ECC?

There are two methods to add favorites:

Select one or several objects in the Explorer and drag and drop them into the required Favorites sub-folder.
Highlight one or several objects in the Explorer and call the context menu commands "Link - Link to". Then select Favorites and the required sub-folder.

Write access (W) is required for User Group (USRG) objects to which favorites should be added. This applies regardless of the privilege "Manage favorites on user group level".

Write access (W) is required for Folder (FOLD) objects where favorites will be added.