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SVN Commit Action pack not working !!!

Question asked by Harshal_Vaidya_8541 on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by Daniel_Hausdorf_6982
Im using SVN COMMIT  action (downloaded from automic marketplace) 
SVN Commit is suppose to commit all the recent changes from my local SVN copy to remote SVN copy; but nothing is getting commited :(

While manually > rightclick > SVN commit > things are good !

PFB logs/reports :-

c:\>cd /d "D:\SVN_Checkout_Repo_objects_new" 

D:\SVN_Checkout_Repo_objects_new>java -jar "D:\Automic_M\Resources\0002\itpa-tool.jar" arb -cmd execute svn commit -m "Scheduled REPO and SRF commit using 11.2" --non-interactive --username ara_siebelzm_p --password 01Ln1Bqyoz#y --trust-server-cert 
itpa-tool: itpa-tool
itpa-tool: (c) Automic Software GmbH
itpa-tool: Version: 1.1.1
itpa-tool: Date: 2016-03-21 13:00

D:\SVN_Checkout_Repo_objects_new>D:\Automic_M\Agent\UCXJWX6M.EXE JNR=0001205400 MNR=0002 PNR=2300 IPA= TYP=E RET=00000000 TXT="        Job ended" 
Program 'UC4 Job Messenger' version '11.2.1+build.390' started
UCMDJP: *********************************************************************
UCMDJP: ** JOB 0001205400 (ProcID:0000006000) ENDED AT 01.12.2016/12:16:05 **
UCMDJP: **                                    UTC TIME 01.12.2016/11:16:05 **
UCMDJP: ** --------------------------------------------------------------- **
UCMDJP: **                                    USED:      2.034 CPU         **
UCMDJP: **                                                   5 PROCESSES   **
UCMDJP: **                                               13359 PAGE FAULTS **
UCMDJP: *********************************************************************
Connected with agent 'BUILD-W7229'
Program 'UC4 Job Messenger' version '11.2.1+build.390' terminated normally

D:\SVN_Checkout_Repo_objects_new>GOTO JOBENDE