Agent-to-Agent file transfer on different Network zones

Discussion created by Vlad_N on Dec 1, 2016
We have following usecase.

AE+ARA with Windows Agent on one network zone.
We have one application with Linux Agents in different Network zone.
On ARA Workflows we have Agent-to-Agent file transfers steps from Windows Agent to the application Linux Agent targets.
Due to Linux Agents residing in other network zone we have to use NAT IPs for the hosts instead of the Real IPs they report to AE and record them to Windows Agent INI file in order for Windows Agent to know how to connect to the Agents in different network zone.

Assignment of an agent's name to its address (DNS name or TCP/IP address) if it cannot directly be accessed through the address that is stored in the server. Specify several assignments line by line, there is no upper limit for the number of assignments. In file transfers, the sending agent obtains the destination agent's internal address from the Automation Engine. The sending agent replaces this internal address by the external address that is defined here. This setting is only required if you run file transfers with agents that cannot directly establish a TCP/IP connection between each other by using the address that they have received from the Server. This can happen if the agents that are involved in the file transfer are located on different networks or if a firewall is used.

We are trying to explorer if there is some solution available that will allow us to minimize number of NAT IP addresses we have to create for servers on different Network zone.

I was trying to see if the Automic Proxy can be a solution, but I see following message in documentation:

"Note: When using two agents (during file transfers), the proxy cannot be used between these two agents."

Please share your experience if you have similar use case and had different solution then adding NAT IPs for every server that have Agent on different Network.


Vlad Navazhylau