Is Automic RAC compliant in an active-active / active-passive setup?

Discussion created by Andreas_Sprosec_7439 on Dec 7, 2016

This does not concern the agents and other components, besides server processes (WP, CP), because the agents never connect directly to the database. The connection to the database happens through the Server processes.

Therefore the connection to the database is also configured in the server ini (ucsrv.ini) in the connection string. This connection has to be correct. The agents connect to the CP vie TCP/IP and the CP continues further to the database.

Please refer to the chapter "Multi Server Operation" in our online documentation:


"The Automation Engine is based upon multi-server operation. The ability to have several Automation Engines in parallel operation offers more reliability and allows the setup of fully scalable AE systems able to grow along with performance requirements. The Automation Engine also supports the constant efficiency advancements of today's hardware systems increasingly being equipped with more processors.

The technical foundation of Automation Engines are the server processes wherein work and communication processes are distinguished. As the work and communication processes of an AE system are not limited to a single node/computer, both efficiency and reliability are boosted through the distribution of these processes over several computers.

Theoretically, you can activate an unlimited number of work and communication processes. By adding processes it is possible to adjust to growing strain on the AE system. Should a heavy workload exist due to the number of logged-on agents and UserInterfaces, the number of communication processes can be increased. Likewise, should the number of AE system tasks become too burdensome, the number of work processes can be increased. Licenses are required for each physical server and therefore do not depend on the number of processes.

The computers on which the server processes are installed must be of the same platform in order to facilitate multi-server operation (e.g. 2 computers with HP/UX). A combination of computers with different UNIX derivatives or a mixture of UNIX and Windows cannot be used.

Be careful if you use more than one computer. In order to avoid discrepancies, their times should be adjusted to each other. Although the server processes measure the time offset and balance it, there are still time gaps as they only do so in particular intervals."