What is arithmetic overflow?

Discussion created by Harriet_Kim_1764 on Dec 12, 2016
You are writing up a mathematical script that is doing a subtract calculation.  Upon execution, it returns this kind of error message:
U0020293 Runtime error in object '<job name>', line '000xx'. Arithmetic overflow (value: '-0000000000000001.0000000000000000')!
So what is arithmetic overflow?

If you use SUB() that's looking for numbers that are not within the length of the string then it will throw that error. Arithmetic overflow error occurs when it gets a negative value from the subtraction calculation, which shows up from your description:
Arithmetic overflow (value: '-0000000000000001.0000000000000000')

So somewhere in your script, it is getting a negative value.

Put :PRINT statements in each line of your script to debug where it's getting the -0000000000000001.0000000000000000 value.