SYS_SNMP_ACTIVE - what is checked with this script function

Discussion created by Karin_Wasinger_8156 on Dec 15, 2016

This script element is not really for checking an active SNMP connection.

In Details it means the following:

According to our documentation
SYS_SNMP_ACTIVE Return codes 
"Y" - The SNMP connection of AE is active 
"N" - The SNMP connection of AE is inactive 

This means that the setting for the SNMP connection of the Ucsrv.ini is returned:

SNMP connection. 
Allowed value: "0", "1", "2" 
"0" = No SNMP connection. 
"1" = SNMP connection is active. 
"2" = SNMP connection is active. SNMP Traps are additionally logged in the Windows Event Viewer 

If one set in the Ucsrv.ini file the parameter snmp=0 the script element will return the SYS_SNMP_ACTIVE = 'N'.