UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT | FE_VERSION – Documentation Addition:

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In our documentation the following Note can be found in the section UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT | FE_VERSION (https://docs.automic.com/documentation/webhelp/english/AWA/11.2/AE/11.2/All%20Guides/help.htm#ucaabu.htm?Highlight=FE_VERSION):

In order to execute a FileSystem Event object with a UNIX agent under a different user specified in a Login object, this key has to be set to "2".

With other words this means:

If FE_VERSION=1 is set, the Fileevent will run under the agents user (e.g.: 'root' or the start user).

When using FE_VERSION=2, the Fileevent will use the user which is set in the Login Object.