What need to be checked before replacing the new license ?

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A new license file has been shared from Automic sales team after PO request for additional Automic agent license was placed. Before installing the additional agents, we have to import the new license file as received from sales team for additional agents licenses. 

"Please note that prior to importing the new license files into your system, these files must be compared to the pdf file (system overview/license) attached. If changes have occurred within the categories, all of the Agents which have changed category are stopped. After the download of the license key please select the appropriate category for each of these Agents in Client 0. 
After successful verification please load the file in your system using the One Automation DB.Load. 
The new license will now be displayed in the system overview of the DialogClient. " 

So if you have old license as below (as example)

then the new license should have the same in every column except the the "Date" 
Then we wouldn't need to restart any component