Agent won't start because of U02000099 Transfer key could not be loaded

Discussion created by Christine_Chavez_6412 on Dec 16, 2016
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When an agent disconnects, or fails to start, it is recommended to check the latest entry in the Agent's log file (located in the {agent}\temp folder).

One of the many reasons an agent disconnects is due to 
U02000099 Transfer key could not be loaded. Please check, if the KeyStore exists and the agent is authenticated. 
which you should be able to see in the log file.

To get around this:
1) Login on Client 0
2) Open SystemOverview > Agents
3) Right-click the agent and select "Renew Transfer Key"
4) Restart or start the agent

*Some* of the reasons a transfer key may become corrupt and needs to be renewed:
1) server has changed - name, etc
2) IP address has changed