Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Dec 16, 2016
Hello Community!

We have had a number of users asking questions about the ENDED_VANISHED status and I wanted to create a post to go into a bit more detail on this status.

Occasionally you may see a Job which shows ENDED_VANISHED as the status in the Activities Window. 

If an Agent runs across a status change or an erroneous attempt to retrieve the status while checking a Job, the Job's status cannot clearly be determined. 

The 'Job Messenger Program' runs at the beginning and ending of each job for the OS/390 Executor, which is how Automic detects the start and end of jobs. If the appropriate DD statements have been included, this enables the 'Job Messenger Program' to establish a TCP/IP connection and communicate the status of a job to the Executor. 

When a JCL-error occurs, the 'Job Messenger Program' does not run and the Executor is not updated on a job's status. The job is not active any more due to the JCL-error; however, its final status is not reported back to Executor as "ENDED" by the Job Messenger. The Executor reports a status of "ENDED_VANISHED" to the Automic server for this job. The Post-Process tab can be used for reading the report and adjusting the end status to something more useful to you. 

The parameter 'vanishedretry=' in the Agent's .ini can be used to specify how many times the Agent retries to check the status before it reports the status "ENDED_VANISHED". By default this value is set to '6' but can be set as high as '9999'.

Information on this parameter can be found in the Automic documentation under Administration Guide, Configuration, Structure of the Configuration Files, Agents, z/OS Agent. 

I hope this additional information is helpful!