Replace an Agent on Multiple Jobs through the User Interface

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Dec 16, 2016
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Hi Community!

As your environment, number of agents and number of jobs grows, many users find the need to substitute a specific agent for another agent across multiple jobs. It would be time consuming to open each individual job and change the Agent field but luckily there is a better way! Let's walk through this scenario using the Replace feature within the User Interface.

1) Log into the User Interface on any client

2) Open the "System Overview" from the top left corner of the User Interface

3) Navigate to "Agents" from the side bar

4) Select the Agent you wish to find and replace with an alternate Agent

5) Right click on the Agent and select "Replace..."

6) You will now see a list of Objects which utilize the selected Agent. You can search through this list and place a check mark next to every Object where you would like the Agent replaced.

7) Now simply select the drop down for the "Replace by:" field at the top and select the new Agent you would like to assign to the Objects

8) Select "Replace..." at the bottom and you're finished!

This is an easy way to manage a change in Agents across multiple objects. I hope this has been helpful!