MODIFY_UC_OBJECT fails with U00020437 Time ;; does not correspond to time format 'HHMMSS'

Discussion created by Christine_Chavez_6412 on Dec 16, 2016
:SET &RES# = MODIFY_UC_OBJECT([active workflow runID],EARLIEST_STARTTIME, "SCRI.TASK1","010000")

The  modify_uc_object usage above works in version 9 and 10, but fails in version 11 with: 
U00020437 Runtime error in object 'scri.earliest_startime' line '00004': Time ;; does not correspond to time format 'HHMMSS'.

This is a bug in version 11 and will be fixed in a future release.

Depending on what/why you are changing the Earliest_Starttime, you can either turn this off




or  use SQL Job to update the Earliest Start time of an *active* workflow. 

Instead of MODIFY_UC_OBJECT, you run ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT to activate the SQL Job. 

So, for example if your script looks like this: 


You can change it to:




Then, create a SQL Job and on Process tab, put: 



:print runid, task, earliest = &WF_RUNID# , &JOB_NAME#, &EARLIEST# 

update ejpp 
set ejpp_erlstStTime = '&EARLIEST#' 
where 1=1 
and ejpp_ah_idnr = &WF_RUNID# 
and ejpp_object = '&TASK#' 

IMPORTANT: On SQL Job, [SQL] tab, check the "Agent log" option under 'Optional reports' for additional reporting/troubleshooting when it fails.