Using the Anonymous Job Setting

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Dec 16, 2016
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Hi Community!

I wanted to share some information on the Anonymous Job setting available through the Automation Engine. This setting allows the Automation Engine to use the Agent's OS user to execute jobs instead of the user specified in the Login object. There are few scenarios where this would be necessary but it is an important feature to share. The setting can be found within the User Interface on Client 0000 and is valid for all clients within the Automation Engine. Within the UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT variable located in the HOST_VARIABLES folder you can find the ANONYMOUS_JOB key which can be changed to 'Y' or 'N'. You can find all the details within our documentation in the link below.

Note: Even with Anonymous Jobs enabled, the Automation Engine still always checks at the beginning of a job's execution whether a Login object is available including an entry for the particular platform. If there is no corresponding entry, the job will abort. This means you will still need Login Objects to execute jobs but the credentials will not be used during job execution.

I hope this is helpful!