How to find all reports and Variants from a specific host and client

Discussion created by Salome_Prangl-Groetzl_759 on Dec 19, 2016

Find all Reports and Variants from a specific host and client.

With the following SQL statement you are able to find all executed R3 jobs from a specified host and client.

This statement will view the start and stop time, run number, job name, client, SAP report name and SAP variant.


Please adapt the parameter AH_Client and AH_HostDst to your client and host.



select ah.AH_TimeStamp1 as Startzeit, AH.AH_TimeStamp4 as Endzeit,  AH.AH_idnr as Runnumber, AH.AH_Name as Jobname,AH.AH_Client,t1.Report, t1.Variante from 


 (select RT_AH_Idnr, 



  (charindex('VARIANT=',rt_content,0) + 9),

  (charindex('"' ,rt_content,charindex('VARIANT=',rt_content,0)+9)-(charindex('VARIANT=',rt_content,0) + 9)  )   

  ) as Variante,



  (charindex('REPORT=',rt_content,0) + 8),

  (charindex('"' ,rt_content,charindex('REPORT=',rt_content,0)+8)-(charindex('REPORT=',rt_content,0) + 8)  )   

  ) as Report


 (select RT_Content,RT_AH_Idnr from RT where rt_ah_idnr in (select ah_idnr from AH where AH_Client = 22  and AH_OType = 'JOBS' and AH_HostDst ='SAP_RTH_ECC' ) and RT_Type='PLOG') temp

 where temp.RT_Content like '%R3_%VARIANT="%' and temp.RT_Content like '%R3%REPORT="%') t1

 where t1.RT_AH_Idnr=AH_Idnr order by ah.ah_client,AH.AH_Name