Agents compatibility with an Automation Engine of a different version

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Dec 21, 2016
We regularly get questions on this topic.

This has already been discussed, but here are a few more considerations about the compatibility between the Automation Engine server and agents when their versions differ.

Automation Engine version is higher than the Agent's version

For instance Automation Engine version 12 with a version 10 OS agent

There is no theoretical limit to how far back agents will work with a more recent Automation Engine. I personally saw cases were customers used version 6 agents with a version 11.2 AE. Of course we will not support versions whose maintenance and support have lapsed, but you may still operate them with a more recent AE server.

Please note that there are limitations though :

  • RA agents' core should be from the same version as the Automation Engine - here an excerpt from the WebService Agent's documentation but this applies to all RA agents.

  • Specific script functions that were brought with a given version may not work with agents of lower versions. For instance:REGISTER_VARIABLEwill fail on agents inferior to v11.2.

Automation Engine and Agent are from the same version, but the Agent is from a more recent Service Pack

For instance AE server and Agent are running in version 10, but the server is v10SP3 and you want to update the agent to version 10 SP8.

This is also supported and should work.

Automation Engine version is inferior to the Agent's version

For instance AE version 11.2 with a v12 OS agent

This is not supported - the Automation Engine is only backwards compatible - and will cause this error to occur at agent startup :

Foot note : Automic's recommendation is to have matching versions. Backwards compatibility should essentially be used during a transition phase when upgrading the Automation Engine server.

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