RA FTP Job question

Discussion created by Jeremy_Clere_7804 on Dec 22, 2016
There is a setting in Job settings in the RA FTP job where we check a box to "Resume Transfer on reconnect". I want to assume that if the box is unchecked  and we have 3 reconnect attempts set on stalled transfers, that the job will try to send the file from the beginning and not pick up where it left off.

I have been checking and if you do not check the case "Resume transfer on reconnect" then the transfer will start from the beginning.

Resume transfer on reconnect

Determines the behavior if the transfer is interrupted:

When this box is checked (default): The transfer is rechecked upon reconnect.
When this box is unchecked: The transfer is retransferred upon reconnect.

This official information can be found here:

Do not forget to save your job in order to save the changes.