Get notified when the agent is down

Discussion created by Karim_Azzouzi_8427 on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by Bryan_Felix_9142
I'd like to be able to get an email when an agent is down so that I can restart it sooner rather than later. This is especially happening with our PeopleSoft agents and those jobs are very critical.

In order to turn on notification for each agent down, you have to create a variable here are steps :
1. Create a Job Notification "Email" with custom message
2. Duplicate UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT and rename the copie (ex: UC_HOSCTHAR_XX)
3. In UC_EX_HOSTCHAR substitue "DEFAULT" by XX in front of the agents witch will use the new variable
4.Inside the variableUC_HOSCTHAR_XX put the name of the notification job (step 0) in front of EXECUTE_ON_END field.
Do the operation using CLIENT 0 , note that you can create as much as you want of UC_HOSTCHAR_XX.