How can I use ARA runbooks from a non-ARA context?

Discussion created by Michael_Wraa-Hansen_8334 on Jan 2, 2017
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I'm trying to use ARA runbooks (those in RUNBOOKS/UC4_ARA/RELEASE_MANAGER) from a general workflow but I have problems figuring out how to use them especially when it comes to agent assignment.

If I consider say UC4_RF.UC_RM.PROPERTY_GET I notice three promptsets:
of which only the latter has a setting relating to agents: Overwrite Agent, but when looking at the implementation (UC4_SL.JOBI.PREPARE_JOB) it seems to be intented for something else.

So in short, how am I supposed to be able to assign an agent to those runbooks. Currently it just hangs waiting for agent '<WIN>' and/or '<UNIX>'
Maybe you just cannot use ARA runbooks in a non-ARA context?

Thanks in advance!

NB: I'm using AE 10.0.2+hf.1