How do I get a report of the values entered into the prompt set?

Discussion created by Christine_Chavez_6412 on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by Pete Wirfs

The values of promptsets entered during a run are in the AV table for version 10.
For version 11 and up, it is in the APUD table.

The query below is for version 10:

select oh_name ObjectName, opu_name PromptSetName, ah_idnr runID , av_vname PromptVariable, av_value PromptValue
from oh, ah, opu, av  
where 1=1
and oh_client = 100
and oh_deleteflag = 0 
and opu_name = '[enter promptset value]'
and oh_idnr = opu_oh_idnr 
and oh_idnr = ah_oh_idnr
and ah_idnr = av_ah_idnr