Script to get notified by mail when CLIENT switch to SYSTEM STOP mode

Discussion created by Karim_Azzouzi_8427 on Jan 11, 2017
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So, we would like to create a process that runs often - say every 15 minutes - in our QA Admin Client 397 that checks the SYSTEM state of ALL QA Clients and sends an e-mail to the UC4 Admin Team if ANY Client is in the SYSTEM STOP state. 

I made a script in attachement that send a mail each 15 min only if client changes statues from ACTIVE to SYSTEM STOP

Content of package :

VARA.SQLI.ACTIFCLT  : SQLi Query witch return all client's status
VARA.STATIC.CLTDOWN : VARA witch stocks all of SYSTEM STOP's Client
SCRI.CLTSYSTOP : The main script of the fonction 
CALL.MAIL.CLTDOWN : Mail notification on witch you have to set recipient 
EVNT.TIME.CLTDOWN : The event that run every 15min to call the main script ,this is the only event object to run