Used(host) column in SystemOverview > License shows 00/00(000)

Discussion created by Christine_Chavez_6412 on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by Claus_Jambrich_5663

In version 11, some customers may notice that Used(Host) is showing 0 for licenses where they have active agents, when before it used to show the number of licenses used. 

This is because in SystemOverview > License, the column Used(Host) will show 0 even though you have active agents for that license IF any of the agent categories has a maximum amount of agents set to 999999.


This is because the Automation Engine will take this as an indication to not count the agents due to performance reasons.  This is by design.

Example above, you have 137 licenses (count=137) for EX.OS.WIN.
You have 1 active Windows agent. 
If you have any agent in your License that shows 999999, then the Used(host) column will not be computed and will show 0.
Otherwise, Used(Host) will show 1. 

Update March 1st 2017

This behavior has been corrected. Starting with the versions below (not yet released), the Used(Host) column will now show the number of licenses used, regardless if there's any agent that's showing 999999. 

Automation.Engine 112.4
Automation.Engine 1.1.0
Automation.Egine 12.0.2