How to call a Web Service with Automation Engine?

Discussion created by Josef_Scharl_103 on Jan 27, 2017
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There is the so called RA Web Service Agent which can be used to call a Webservice. This Agent is based on the so called Rapid Automation technology. It’s not part of the Automation Engine Image and Documentation.

However it can be downloaded separately, the download contain the Software and the Documentation as well:


With the latest evolution of this Agent – version 4.0 – it was split up to two different Agents. They are based on the CXF framework:

  • Web Service RESTAgent – for Web Services based on the REST technology.
  • Web Service SOAPAgent– for Web Services based on the SOAP technology.

Older versions of this Agent – version 3.2 and older – support both technologies and are based on the Axis2 framework:

  • Web ServiceAgent– for Web Services based on the REST and SOAP technology (up to version 3.2).

Note:Version 4.0 (split version of the Agent) is only compatible with the latest version of Automation Engine, which is version 12.0!
However it’s recommended to use the latest version!

More details about compatibility can be investigated using the “Compatibility Checker”: