RA solution attributes that can be modified

Discussion created by Ian_Geglia_179 on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by Dat_Nguyen-Tat_9196

In some cases we provide documentation that lists the attributes that can be modified for a particular RA solution. In this case it is part of the documentation for that specific RA solution. Some RA solutions do not have a list of attributes provided in the documentation. We still do support many attributes that can be modified though. Run the SQL below to get a list of attributes:
select OCV_VName,ocv_value from OCV,oh where OCV_OH_Idnr=OH_Idnr and oh_name='JOBNAME'

Couple things:

1. Make sure you define a job that has a value in most of the fields. A blank job won't return a comprehensive list of attributes.

2. You may not need access to the database. From the Automic UI create a SQLI object and click the preview button