Run iterations of workflow in order

Discussion created by Jeff_Cook_7527 on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by Jeff_Cook_7527
I have a script that creates a workflow for a set of files process, one iteration of each workflow for each file.  Due to processing limitations on my servers, I limit the number of concurrent workflows to 10 at a time.  I would like to force the workflows to run in the order that the process created them.  However I'm not sure how to do that in my currernt configuration.  Right now Automic takes a random one of the workflows that's waiting for resources and starts it.  I want to make sure it always does in this in a specific order.  I could use the workflow alias as it is named in the order I want.  I was also thinking of setting the priority on the workflow when I start it from the script, but I can't seem to determine how to do that in the MODIFY_TASK script function,  Any ideas on how to solve this problem?