How to integrate the local documentation into ECC/AWI with Tomcat

Discussion created by Karin_Wasinger_8156 on Jan 30, 2017
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When one wants to integrate the local Documentation (local Web help) to the ECC or AWI the following steps need to be done:

1)      Create a new folder in the Tomcat installation in the webapps folder and name it for example "DOCU_11.2"

2)      Copy the content of the webhelpe.zip (which can be found in the Documentation folder of the Automation Engine in Guides\webhelp\english) to this folder

3)      Copy and Paste the help.htm to the exact same location without overwriting it (so that two help.htm files are available)

4)      Rename the help – Copy.htm to index.htm

5)     open the website in your browser (best advice is to open it via the Tomcat Manager) – the website can have now the following address: http://localhost:8080/DOCU_11.2/

6)      This address now needs to be copied to the configuration.properties file of your ECC/AWI installation (which is located in the config folder of your ECC/AWI installation) the following way:

helpUrl.english = http://localhost:8080/DOCU_11.2/

7)      Now when you open via the ECC/AWI the Help this path for the documentation is taken instead of the standard path:

helpUrl.english = https://docs.automic.com/documentation/ECC/11.1/Guides/webhelp/english/help.htm