Linux user cannot run jobs but other users can

Discussion created by Salome_Prangl-Groetzl_759 on Jan 31, 2017
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In the agent logs you find the error 

 "U2003043 Invalid 'setuid()' call. Error code: ('11' - 'Resource temporarily unavailable')" . 

This is caused because the user starting the job has too low a ulimit on their account. 

To investigate the issue run a "ulimit -a" on the user who started the agent. It'll look something like this:

ulimit -a 

address space limit (Kibytes) (-M) unlimited 
core file size (blocks) (-c) 0 
cpu time (seconds) (-t) unlimited 
data size (Kibytes) (-d) unlimited 
file size (blocks) (-f) unlimited 
locks (-x) unlimited 
locked address space (Kibytes) (-l) 64 
message queue size (Kibytes) (-q) 800 
nice (-e) 0 
nofile (-n) 1024 
nproc (-u) 2048 

pipe buffer size (bytes) (-p) 4096 
max memory size (Kibytes) (-m) unlimited 
rtprio (-r) 0 
socket buffer size (bytes) (-b) 4096 
sigpend (-i) 515261 
stack size (Kibytes) (-s) 10240 
swap size (Kibytes) (-w) not supported 
threads (-T) not supported 
process size (Kibytes) (-v) unlimited